Graffiti On The Wall And In My Heart

The last book I read, on Amrita Sher-Gill, has inspired a passion for art in me and this new found love took me to an art exhibit in the city. While trying to decipher the paintings, their moods and messages I noticed a graffiti wall in a corner. There is something about graffiti that draws me to it – the colours, the freedom, the absence of rules and messages that don’t need to be deciphered by an art connoisseur.
I stood against it and took some pictures, more an attempt to capture the colours and confusion of the graffiti than to capture my very basic blue outfit.


All along there was a graffiti of emotions in my own heart. I was feeling fear, anxiety and doubt after having been told by someone I care about, that she had felt a lump in her breast. The instant I heard that, the only thought that crossed my mind and then kept recurring thereafter was ‘breast cancer‘.
My heart sank to unimaginable depths and no matter how hard I tried I could not bring it afloat.
I visited the doctor with her, my heart in my mouth, prayers on my lips and every fiber of my being crossed for luck. I was finally told that it was just a fibroid..RELIEF like I have never felt it before.
But it made me realize the fickle nature of our mind and our bodies. Made me feel grateful for the life I have today.


A casual chat with the doctor made me realize just how ignorant I am about the much talked about disease ‘breast cancer‘…here are some facts I learnt
1. All breast lumps are not cancer, however them must be treated with seriousness and checked by a specialist.

2. Breast cancer lumps are usually accompanied by a change in the skin, you will usually notice some kind of rash like breakout on the skin.

3. Breast cancer almost always causes a change in the appearance of the breast. Sometimes enlarging it and at times causing a shrinkage.


4. There will usually be a discharge.

5. The cause could be genetic, if someone in your family has suffered the disease, it makes others in the family more susceptible.

6. Stress seems to be a major cause of ‘breast cancer‘. Women make time for everyone else and everything else often ignoring their own well being. This manifests in the form of cancer.

7. The instant lifestyle. Till a generation back, we knew the source of every morsel we were putting in our body. Now everything is instant, fast, factory made and laced with carcinogenic ingredients.


Do you know more about the disease, its symptoms and how we can avoid it? Do share so that we can all be more aware. 
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