What Were You Doing This Time Last Year?

This blog has become such a big part of my life and of me. It kind of fills a void inside me that has existed for as long as I can remember. I have always been creative but lacked focus and clarity, which is what this blog has brought into my life. It has helped me connect with so many amazing people, people who I would possibly never have come across…or even if I did come across them I would probably never have had the confidence to have a conversation..
Every day is a little learning and everyday is joy. Moreover its become a bit of a journal of me and my evolution…I just have to dig into the archives and get lost in the journey..
So what was happening last March..
I attended fashion week for the very first time, and loved every bit of the quirky, the quaint and everything in between. I was so excited, I spent most of my time thinking of what to wear..I finally chose this pencil skirt which I had my tailor stitch for me..
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I was spending a lot of time with my sister…I love the summer , she not so much…haha but we had fun. Have you visited her blogs yet? aditicooks and thepinkpillow
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And then I think I was stalking Zahra through her blog, so in awe of this girl..and she is such a sweetheart :) .have you visited her blog?? even a year later I am still obsessed with it..
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What were you doing last year this time?? tell me all about it. Have you found your passion yet?  Tell us how you got there?

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  • June says:

    What a stunning skirt! Last year at this time I was just back from Dubai and was super happy!

  • Ds Mom says:

    Such and lovely skirt!

  • Sadaf Zarrar says:

    Hey Abhilasha!! Love your skirt… so bright and beautiful. Yet so Chic!! Love it. xx

  • Hi Abhilasha! I’ve read your blog on/off for sometime now, never quite gathered the courage to comment… You looked like such a diva with your beautiful outfits and pictures! :-)
    Last year around this time I was going through a major existential crisis, and yours was one of the blogs that brought some colour to my life… I’d been passionate about a lot of things, but time, circumstances and a pessimistic lethargy kept me from pursuing my creative goals seriously, till the beginning of this year, when I finally tapped into my inner strength and decided to be happy about even the smallest of things. Have found the world and myself much better since then :-) And yes, I’ve just started to nurture my creativity, slowly yet steadily!

    • Rashi thank god you finally gathered the courage to comment and led me to your blog. Thank you so much for saying what you did, you have no idea how much it means to me my dear :)
      I am so glad the blog helped you get through…we all have our days..our ups and downs..its important to remember always that “you create your own destiny” you are responsible for all the good and the bad in your life…
      Just do what makes you happy…
      thrilled to read your comment…Thank you so much :)

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