Pune Valentines Day Date Idea : Courtyard By Marriot Pune City Centre

Sitting on a cozy love seat, arms entwined as you watch the sun create a perfectly orchestrated symphony in shades of fiery reds and deep ochers. You have just each other and the perfect cocktails in tall flute glasses to keep you company as the sun sets, leaving you gazing at the beautiful trail of fuchsia, violet and wisteria, that it leaves behind. You sit high above the hustle and bustle of the city, from where even the traffic looks beautiful, creating a river of trailing moving lights that meander across the city. There is a sea of glimmering lights beneath and the deep blue sky with twinkling stars and a big bright moon above.
Does such a place exist? Yes, it does..right in the heart of Pune city.
This secret oasis is the roof top Evviva Sky Lounge at the Courtyard By Marriot Pune City Centre.
I visited Evviva a few days back for the first time and it took my breath away. 
When I was younger the only places to dine out, in Pune, were the crowded quick, in and out kind of places, and I remember longing for a more romantic Hollywood style dinner date. Evviva seems to be the answer to my prayers.
With Valentines around the corner, if you are looking for a romantic dinner destination,or the perfect location to propose and pop the question to your dear beloved, might I suggest the Evviva. For a Valentines date to be memorable, it needs just 2 things…
An element of surprise : which could be a proposal, a confession, a gesture, a kiss or maybe a nice gift
The Build up : Valentines day is as much about the build up as it is about the surprise..the build up 
makes the surprise seem bigger better and dream like. The music, the candlelit ambiance, the stars, the moon, the sunset, the drinks, the food, the desserts…it all needs to be seamless and it must seem well thought out..
Evviva has put together a well thought out Valentines Special Menu where they take care of every last detail, as for the surprise element..thats where the warm staff steps in, just tell them what you need and they will help you pull it off..a proposal with dessert, a ring in a special cocktail…
We had the pleasure of tasting their Valentines menu, before everyone else and what a delight it was..
Here are my recommendations starting with DESSERTS!! yay!!
The Mille Feuille of Chocolate and Strawberry was divine and indulgent – exactly what a dessert should be. Each distinct and delicate layer just melted in the mouth to form a heavenly concoction. 
The Spinach and Leek Cigars with Plum and Mint chutney were also a favourite. The contrasting creamy and crisp textures brought together an amazing dish. 
The stuffed Chicken Breast was a big hit too (I am told, I am a vegetarian :) 
I am also told that The Crimson Love, a vodka cocktail is a complete lady pleaser. BIG Hit with the ladies :)

All in all we had a wonderful time interacting with the entire Courtyard By Marriot Pune City Centre team. If you are still looking for the perfect Valentines date idea in Pune, look no further..
Just call Courtyard By Marriot Pune City Centre : 020-67248181/ 020-67248250
Their Valentines special in on from 14th to the 16th of February.

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