Pune Street Style : Pratiksha Bahuguna

A beautiful coral blue and neon pink caught my eye in a sea of morose navy and browns. She was thrift shopping and I was scouting for great style..for someone who stands out…we crossed paths thrice before I finally went up to her to chat. Her personality is as sweet as her face…nahh maybe sweeter..
Our short chat made it more than evident that she absolutely loves fashion. She clearly loves to shop..and she posed for my delighted camera without any inhibitions..even though a small crowd of curious onlookers had gathered on one of the busiest streets in Pune..
She crossed her legs, hinged her head and smiled like no one was watching..
She left me amazed at how confident and comfortable, with their style,young girls are these days..
Pratiksha, is from Dehradun and has been pursuing her law degree in Pune. Her style icons are Megan Fox and Deepika Padukone. Her personal style mantra is ” Simple effortless looking awesome style”


What caught my eye
The cool and neon colours of her shirt.
The quirky spectacle print on the shirt (from Sepia).
Perfectly coordinated shoes and hair accessories.
Her chic geeky glasses that contrast her face so well.
The cool sling bag
Those ice blue jeans.
I think ice blue was the colour of the first pair of denims I bought as a teen, but they seem to have vanished from my closet since for a while now, I have been favouring the slimming effects of the darker wash…I dont think its only me, I rarely spot them on the streets.
Pratiksha has got me craving for this relaxed casual colour for the summers…an ice blue pair of denims in a relaxed fit is definitely on my must have shopping list now.
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