The Healthiest Bread And Pumpkin Soup

The last few days have consisted of a lot of coughing, sleepless nights, resisting antibiotics and then giving in to them…you get the picture don’t you…ughh!
So anyway, two things happen to me when I am not feeling well, one, I eat more than usual and two, I crave junk, instant noodles, vada pav…slurrpp!!
Having identified this trend in me, I decided to try and be good this time…since I wasn’t spending too much time in office I decided to spend some in the kitchen. I wanted to be prepared for when those junk food cravings strike.
The one thing I love is soul warming, carbs filled food called ‘bread’. Unfortunately I am a little too aware of the ‘empty’ food that it is – highly refined flour, is all that’s in there, and it really is no good. So I set out looking for the perfect substitute that feeds the body and the soul.
I have spent many hours searching for healthy bread recipes and then I have wasted gorgeous ingredients and precious time trying them out, only to be disappointed with the inedible results.
But this time, I lucked out, I hit the jackpot!!
This bread recipe only requires superfoods like almonds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds..ahh you in healthy heaven yet?? And it has no traces of refined flour and empty calories..


The original recipe is HERE, but it needed some modifications to adjust to Indian ingredients.
Buckwheat flour is ‘kuttu ka atta’ commonly consumed when fasting.
Also, pumpkin seeds were not very easily available here, so I replaced them with watermelon seeds referred to as “magaj” in Hindi, and very readily available.
The rest of the recipe I followed as is, and the result is a delicious, healthy dense bread that feeds the soul and the body. Trust me I am never eating white bread again, NEVER!!
I have made this bread twice in the past few days, and I know this one is a keeper.
Thanks Ella for the yummm and lovely recipe.


I have also been enjoying this pumpkin soup, its my way of saying goodbye to wintery soup season. Trust me I am so ready for Spring and Summer. But this soup is lovely and easy.
Just put a large chunk of pumpkin duly caressed with olive oil, garlic, basil and rock salt into the oven, with a couple of whole onions


Keep it in the oven till the pumpkin softens enough to scoop it out.
Then bring it out, scoop the pulp and drop it into the blender, add salt, basil, pepper, the garlic chunks and the charred whole onions. Blend blend blend…add milk or water to bring it to a consistency you like..
Slurp away to drive the winter blues..


If you are totally ready for summer and looking for healthy summer recipes, namely icecream HERE

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