Pune Street Style : Lilia K Jimomi

Do you remember the post (here) where I talk about bringing some changes? Well, one change I have been wanting to make, is to add multiple perspectives to style and fashion. Fashion is such a versatile thing, changing like the colours of a chameleon, it takes on the wearers personality while rubbing off a bit of its own. Sometimes looking at things through someone else’s eyes or in this case shades, opens up a whole new world and that is what makes fashion so interesting.

So, I have decided to add a street style section here on the blog..this is where I catch unsuspecting stylistas and stalk them till they agree to pose for a few pictures.  These are everyday women, like you and me, who have jobs and friends and a life, they are walking down the streets – no excessive make up, no freshly blow dried hair and on most occasions you will not find them walking down pot hole ridden roads or cattle ridden sidewalks in stilettos.

These women are proof that just a little thought and effort into yourself can go a long way.

I saw Lilia walking in my direction, and was struck by how every little thing had been well put together to create a complete everyday look. I gathered all my courage to say “excuse me”, she looked startled at my request for a photograph. But, once she overcame her instinctive urge to run she was a big sport.


The kind and gentle Lilia from Dimapur has been living in Pune for the last six years and loves it here thanks to the weather and her fun circle of friends.

“Fashion to me is not about trends or whats in or out, its about the freedom to express myself. Whatever makes me feel good, comfortable and beautiful is fashion for me.”
Music and singing are meditation for her while taking on the huge responsibility of Associate Pastor is her job and passion.
She lives by the philosophy that living by your values is hard sometimes, yet in the end, a life without regret is much better than one with heavy compromise.


What caught my eye :
The hair: beautifully twisted into a practical and yet elegant bun.
The shoes and bag : coordinated and studded.
Accessories : simple, classic and chic great for work
The Scarf : carefully picked and casually draped around the neck.
The glasses : nerdy chic and framed her face beautifully.


Thank you Lilia for being a part of this space. I really enjoyed talking to Lilia and getting to know her while bonding over fashion stories. Its such a wonderful way to get to know people and their fashion, I hope you enjoy it, too.
Also, if you think you have a distinct style or a knack of putting things together on a whim, do get in touch with me, I would love to feature you :)

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