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My youtube journey started with this sale haul video and to celebrate that start I thought it appropriate to make a tradition out of sharing my sale purchases with you.
I love the sale season and it has become as much of a festival for me as Diwali. There was a time when I would buy a truck load of stuff just because its hard to resist that unnecessary pair of shoes when it is at 50% off. With the half price tag even the most indulgent unnecessity starts looking like a necessity.Well, I dont blame you, there is a very fine and blurry line that separates indulgent buys and must have requirements and when on sale those lines dance with each other turning into a beautiful haze tempting one to jump over.
Its only months later, when I would see a huge pile of tagged clothes lying untouched in a corner of my cupboard that the damage done would sink in. Each time Id promise myself to never make the same mistakes again only to find a bigger pile sitting the next sale season.

Now I have strict rules for sale shopping
1. I decide before hand which sales I would like to see, depending on my requirements and visit only those stores, never setting foot into the others.
2. I always ask myself “do I need this or do I want this” “where will I use it” and “do I have something similar already which I have not used yet”.
With these rules in place I am much more comfortable and confident with handling the sale season and its temptations.

Here are my Jan 2014 sale purchases.
Zara : shoes and a big tan handbag

best fashion blog

Westside : Animal print flats and 2 kurtas
Landmark : Some great books


I did do a little indulgent buying too. I had been wanting to try for a while now and whats a better time to try something new than the sale season. So I got myself a pair of silver heels and a retro pencil skirt. I am very impressed with, they shipped very quickly (took 20 days for me to get my box of goodies) the quality is superb and everything looks better than on the site.
I had paid Rs 2100 for both and was pretty pleased with the great deal, however I had to pay duties due to which the cost rose to almost Rs3000..sob much for feeling victorious.
I bought this fairly late so could not include it in the video.

I hope you enjoyed the post, do hop on over to the youtube channel to see me yap and show you all the things I bought. My sale video.
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