Proactive : Review Video And Giveaway

I started my youtube channel in July 2013 and we now have over 150 subscribers, its not a very big number but its big enough to celebrate..yay!!
Also, the blog has completed 200 posts, not super big either but a milestone none the less and a reason to celebrate..yay!!
The celebrations are tucked away in the form of a giveaway, towards the end of the post, yes its my wretched way of getting you to read the entire post :)A while back I was hit by a problem that I had conveniently skipped in my rebellious teen years…acne!! Just when I had started feeling safe and smug having outsmarted acne (at age 30) it hit me..n hit me hard.
Just when one pimple (yikeesss hate the word) would start fading a pair of twins would pop up and then another one and on and on..
I tried working on my diet, putting all kind of funny smelling and sounding things on my face, I prayed every night for them to disappear by morning and I jumped out of bed every morning hoping that my prayers had been answered. When nothing worked I decided to give those too good to be true Proactive infomercials a go.

I ordered it and started off on the Proactive way of life that’s supposed to be life changing and all…well if its life changing for Celina Jaitley it can sure be for me ..right?
I did not see to much change initially, but then I received a call from Proactive about the correct way of using the Proactive system, once I implemented those instructions – slowly but surely I started to see change..Lo and behold the acne started to clear..yay!!


Here is what I was told about the correct usage of Proactive
Step 1 : Take shirt button size cleanser in palm and work into wet skin. Wash off.
Step 2 : Take a cotton pad, add 2 drops of water and about 3-4 drops of toner, wipe skin with it. Allow the toner to air dry.
Step 3 : Take half shirt button size moisturizer and apply on skin.
Use two times a day, once in the morning after a bath and once at night before bed.
Do this consistently and you are sure to see results.


There are plenty of acne systems in the market and some are supposed to be even better than Proactive, however these are not really available in India yet.

Ok now lets get to the celebrations!!

I am giving away a complete 3 step Proactive kit worth approximately Rs3500 and all you have to do for a chance to win is:
Step 1 : Subscribe to the lookingoodfeelingfab youtube channel (here)
Step 2 : Leave a comment below this video, telling me that you have subscribed and wish to win.
Thats it!!


Open to Indian residents only and open till Feb 4th 2014.
Do request your friends and family to join the party too :) and thank you so much for your love and support.

want to look good and feel fab always?? Join us


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