Shoes : My Must Have List And My Collection

“A girl can never have too many pairs of shoes“, whoever said that must have been one smart woman or one brilliant man.

There is heel size, colour, embellishments, round toe, pointed toe, peep toe, ankle straps, heel style…the permutations and combinations can create an endless set to choose from. Add to this simple mathematical calculation some chemistry and psychology – the need to always be ahead of the trends – its Kim Kardashian’s studded ones one day and Kalki’s nerdy Oxfords the next, the pressures are endless.

Then there are macro and micro economic principals to consider – the plunging rupee and the rising price of onions are creating every fashionistas nightmare – choosing between the necessity of a pair of Spring Summer Jimmy Choo’s and the luxury of adding onions to dal tadka.

Its become imperative now for the clever stylista to separate the superlatives from the hyperbole’s. And to help, here is my list of must have shoes that one could invest in. Please do spare a few moments of sympathy for the shoe obsessed addict in me, clearly narrowing it down to these basics was harder than a night in a Nazi prison for her.

These are the big daddies of any girls must have shoe list. I usually go for ballerinas in trendy prints (animal print is always chic and classy) or pretty embellishments. Often I am strutting down in a pair of high heels, my lips smiling while my toes are crying out in pain. I am only wishing to get back into the car, kick the heels, breathe again and pull out my flats from underneath the car seat.
And for the summers you might need a pair of thong sandals too.


For me these are more important than a black pair. They do things to your legs, that 1000′s of calf raises cannot. They lengthen the legs and add oomph to whatever the dress or the occasion might be. They do go with everything, even an all black ensemble. So, repeat after me - “when in doubt go nude”


A COMFORTABLE pair of high heels that you can be in all day. To handle those high profile meetings and a date+ with Ryan Gosling, in. These go with everything but they must be comfortable.


For the Indian wedding season and to party in style a pair of gold heels is a must have. They are just sexy attention grabbers and conversation starters, with the opposite sex. They also have the potential of sparking off a jealous rage among other women…dont say I did not warn you!


Colours are such a fun way to lighten up the mood, to add personality and interest to absolutely anything. A bright pair of shoes can sometimes do what what a bouquet of flowers from a boyfriend cannot. Neon, red, pink or a printed pair ahhh the joys are endless and they will always bring a smile to our face. Even the most sensible girl must have some fun and hence this pair.

A great pair of shoes can rip an outfit apart or bring it all together. I think this list is a happy matrimony of style and sensible spending – for me atleast.
Whats on your must have shoe list?

Flats: Animal print Westside (Rs 500)
Thongs Thrifted
Embellished : Thrifted (Rs 800)
Nude Heels : Regal Pune (Rs1500)
Black Heels : Zara Sale
Gold Pumps : Guess
Gold Sandals : Right Fit Pune
Glitter Pumps : Thrifted (Rs 1200)
Red Heels : (Rs 1000)

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