Leather Look Pants And Animal Print Accents

The weekend is over..another week starts..
The winter is playing hide and seek, here now and gone then..Picking the right outfit, one to beat the winters at their own game can be a challenge for even the best..
So yay!! to layers, put them on, take them off..the chill in the air or the heat of the afternoon wont make you sweat..
I am playing with all black here..black leather look pants, a black T, a black flowy jacket and an animal print scarf. Now, I have never been very comfortable wearing all black, makes me feel a little cagey and restrained, I dont even have a LBD yet.Though this winter I decided to embrace the all black look and I am learning to slowly but surely love it.
And, did I tell you, I love large windows..when I see them I have to take a moment to sit and stare, allow the light to filter through and feel the sun on my face.
I hope you enjoyed the weekend
Loads of new movies in the theaters..have you watched any? I am more of a home movie kind of person, where I can forward and rewind to please my senses and where I can sit cozy in a warm quilt.
Going to watch Jai ho in the theater though..yup big Salman fan :)

Do tell me about your weekend highlights :)
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Leather Pants : Dollhouse
Black T : Just Casuals Pune (~200Rs)
Jacket : Pune Roadside (~200Rs)
Animal Print Scarf : Thrifted (150 Rs)
Heels : Zara
Bag : Accessorize
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