Motorcycle Diaries : Printed Pants, Studs And Heels

A winter morning meeting got me grudgingly out of bed, but happily into this sweater that my mom knit for me some years ago. The meeting was great but the surprise outside was better..I spotted this beautiful piece of engineering sitting pretty, calling out to me..
Now, I’m no biker girl, to me a bike ride means not wind in my hair but knots and sticky hair, it means dreaded breakouts thanks to the pollution. It also is not something you can enjoy in a dress, heels and pearls. I apologise for painting such a drab picture of something most people find liberating, but thats just me.
However, I do think they are beautiful.. glistening metal, inviting seats, the empowering roar of the engine can all provide a thrilling experience. I am all for celebrating all things beautiful, bikes included. Though I do not dream of taking these babies out for a spin, I will happily pose besides them as an ode to their beauty.
I was only hoping that some leather clad, tattooed and pierced guy does not walk down to find me awkwardly posing with his love while trying to look biker chic and cool..
Thankfully no one did..hehe

Are your dreams made of fast bikes or the hunks that ride them? Tell me, I wanna know all…

Sweater : Mommy knit
Pants :
Bracelet and Brooch : Gift from sister (UK)
Shoes : Zara
Shirt : Thrifted
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