Delhi Shopping : Sarojini Nagar

Delhi Shopping : Sarojini Nagar

A little while back I had to make a quick day trip to Delhi, for important work that had been pending for long. The trip was planned in such a manner that there was no scope for absolutely any detours, namely shopping and eating Delhi style.

You can imagine my frustration, visiting Delhi and not indulging in some aloo tikki, dahi bhalla and Sarojini nagar, ufff, it required weeks of self therapy to get myself to accept that I was going on a mission and there was no room for anything else.
So I land in Delhi get into the car and within a few minutes a big board and a bigger arrow pointing towards Sarojini Nagar, “why dont you just kill me God” is what I was thinking.
But you know what? have you ever heard of “good things happen to good people” or “if you want it bad enough, all the universe conspires to help you acheive it”
I must have done some good deeds sometime, because on my way to the airport I received an sms about my flight being delayed. I dont think any sms has excited me so much let along an sms about a flight delay.
I quickly took a U turn for Sarojini Nagar, some awesome bargain buys, aloo tikki and dahi bhalla later I think my Delhi trip could be stamped extremely successful.

This blue dress, is my favourite bargain find from Delhi and Sarojini shopping trip, just Rs 250.


Hey, if you are from Delhi, do share your favourite shopping and eating spots, so next time I can try and do more :)

Delhi Shopping : Sarojini Nagar


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