Pune Street Style : Panoe Paohow

I am determined to give you a glimpse of street style, practical fashion, from where ever I might be and no matter what I have to endure to do so. Doing this feature really is no less than going on an adventure holiday – adrenalin rush, the stinging fear, the anticipation, the excitement, the ecstasy and finally the sense of achievement or disappointment.

There is the risk of having my carefully built self esteem shattered to pieces and kicked around in different parts of my city. And the potential professional hazard of landing myself in a sticky as dough kind of embarrassing situation.

But then there are positives too…or maybe I am fooling myself into believing that there are..
I am becoming more observant – I can now spot a neon chappal from miles away, more alert – I can now cross a busy street in a matter of seconds, when in pursuit of a well put together lady, sharpening my reflexes and that of my cameras while capturing every flutter of the eyelid. Am I starting to sound like a pervert yet?
On a more serious note, I think I am learning to overcome my fear and learning to accept and deal with a NO..

The first time around you met Lilia and today we have another gorgeous girl from Nagaland.
They were complete strangers to me until now and both being from Nagaland is just a happy coincidence..or is it?
 I am now starting to believe that maybe there is some past life connect between me and Nagaland, I seem to love everyone I meet from the place.
They all have perfect porcelain skin and lovely hair, a warm and gentle smile, a caring and loving tone in their voice, they all seem to have this inborn love for fashion, they play with colours with great ease and always end up looking effortlessly chic.
Their warm body language, their sense of fun and joie de vivre makes me want to know them better..

So when I met Paone Paohow at a store, it was love at first sight. I loved her play with colours and the little details, so I requested for a few pictures. She giggled and smiled, she then paused, put her hand on her waist and channeled the super model in her.

She is doing her TYBA in Pune and lives here with her sister. All her clothes are from little stores in Nagaland.

What caught my eye
The Pants : The colour
The top : A little bling and colour blocking with the pants
The hair : The hairband
The accessories : Simple and classic
Her gorgeous smile 
A big thank you and lots of love to Panoe :)
want to look good and feel fab always?? Join us


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