Graphic Leggings Floral Jacket And Dark Alleys

Sometimes I am convinced I have a split personality. There is a part of me that loves modern facades, the stark white buildings with steel railings and glass partitions. The kind that seem translucent n the day and glow in the dark.
And then there is a part of me that is obsessed with anything vintage, anything that is older than I am. Its not what I see than captures my interest but the free reign these vintage pieces give my imagination. They work like mini time machines, transporting me to a different era, a different time.
So imagine my delight when I find these two distinct worlds juxtaposed in my favorite part of the city. Nestled between extremely modern glittering facades of high street shopping chains are these little lanes. A couple of steps and a little curiosity is all you need to be taken hundreds of years back in time.
Its a slice of solitude and history in the midst of the din and clang of modernity. Mysteries flow every where like sap in the narrow veins of this mighty giant.
Stepping into the lane makes me wish – the giant walls could talk and tell me tales of secret rendezvous witnessed, silent whispers, love affairs and family ties – I wish they could tell me tales of the people and their lives, those who crossed these walls in the years gone by..
As I lean against the walls and capture them for eternity, in  these photographs, I am certain years later a young fashion lover will analyse them, admiring the ancient architecture and questioning my fashion choices - graphic leggings floral jacket and pearls.

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Floral Jacket : gift (last seen here)
Graphic Leggings : (last seen here)
Watch : Guess
Pearl Bracelet : Colaba Causeway
Shirt : Thrifted Pune
Shoes : Westside Sale
Bag : Zara (last seen here)
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