Kerala : The Lake Kumarakom Resort

God must have been in a state of elated, estatic bliss when he created Kerala, giving it not just a breathtaking coastline and multiple rivers, but ploughing those waterbodies into the mainland to create vast stretches of dreamy landscapes comprising lakes and canals.
As soon as we landed in Cochin, I could tell why Kerala is aptly called “Gods own country”. There are tall coconut trees that don’t just have hot line access to the heavens but also provide the sweetest water filled coconuts that lungi clad men walk around with. Every few meters, there are streams of water, that seem to divide the city into miniature islands of sorts. There are ducks swimming soaking in the sun and women clad in cotton sarees, fragrant flowers in their hair, walking by.


Stepping into the hotel, was like being transported into a different world, a wonderland of sorts. I felt the need to toss my iPhone and hide my iPad, just to fit in, soak it all in. The thatched sliding roofs, wooden furniture and walls, soft music wafting in the air, green coconuts with their tops cut off and straws dangling from the mouth, welcomed us. The vintage furniture, lush greenery, beautiful lake and tiny wooden and rope bridges made for a stunning picture.


The days were warm, the evenings were breezy and sometimes rainy, however the best part of the day was the sunset. The sun would turn the sky into a haze of beautiful colours, crimson red, flaming orange, blushing pinks and cheery yellows all part of the well synchronized, jaw dropping performance that got more beautiful each evening and never left a soul unenchanted.
The best place to enjoy it is on a boat, in the middle of the lake, traditional music in the background, loved ones by your side and a grateful prayer on your lips. I did this in the few moments that I could steal while working hard at trying to keep the kids from jumping off the edge of the boat.
We stayed at the beautiful Kumarakom Lake Resort in Cochin and I highly recommend it. The staff and every person on the hotel ground is warm, gentle and willing to run an extra mile just to see you smile. There was a personal touch in every little detail and thats what made the place a heaven for me. There were warm smiles and a camaraderie that you could sense from miles away. I did not hear the word “no” or “not possible” from the staff during my entire stay and thats a big ask when you are travelling with two kids with their never ending demands and requests.
So if you are planning a holiday anytime soon, I would highly recommend The Kumarakom Resort, with plenty of activities to keep the kids busy and plenty of warmth and genuine care to keep you raving.

I hope you enjoyed the glimpses of heaven – truly Gods own country – Kerala.
I have to thank Namita and Vikas, for planning the trip and getting us homebodies out of our comfort zone, it was truly memorable. Thank you.

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