Pajama Monday And The Weekend

I spent most of Friday evening trying to figure out my pajama pants- it started with a deep dive into my wardrobe and ended with the entire wardrobe on the floor. My pants and me, we are still getting to know each other and styling them was a challenge for me. I think I eventually managed to tame this wily pant and the results are for you to judge. I am wearing my pajama pants to work today (Monday) and it really is a liberating feeling, to continue the weekend pajama party into the week. Its my middle finger to Monday blues…ha!!


A lovely event by Forest Essentials got me heading to my favourite mall in Pune. A few warm and wonderful interactions, festive music in the air, elegantly dressed Forest Essential products for company, the most intense, enchanting aromas to awaken the senses and the goodness of Ayurvedic indulgence. (More about Forest Essentials and the event soon)


Sunday had me conversing with some wonderful and awe inspiring ladies who have seen so much and achieved so much. One of them is blessed with the most gorgeous straight golden hair, with ringlets at the end, the kind of hair that I dream of, the kind that would need an army of stylists and a few kilos of styling products to achieve. I was admiring her hair and bitterly complaining about mine, till she very casually mentioned that there are so many women who have no hair (she works with breast cancer patients).
It made me stop and think about how much I take for granted. I make a conscious effort to be appreciative, and yet so often I am caught unaware, caught complaining and caught taking things for granted.
Even in the most negative situation there is something to be grateful for….just needs a little soul searching..

Pants : 
Shirt : Pune Streets
Shoes :
Bag : Accessorize
Accessories : Here And There (Old)
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