Forest Essentials At Amanora Mall And Warm Converstions

The Forest Essentials event, which I spoke about at length (here), took me to Amanora Mall. It is my favorite mall to saunter around in on an idyllic holiday, unfortunately due to the distance and the constant scurry for time, I rarely get a chance to soak in a beautiful place tucked into my city.
Amanora, is very different from the beehive like structure of modern malls, where tiny stores are stacked on one another through the length, breath and height of the modern framework.
The architecture is more European, the stores are spread out, charming courtyards and scenic promenades. Pretty staircases that lead to surprises,sometimes a quaint store at other times an inviting cafe. In the middle of it all, is a giant water body that comes alive with dancing fountains and beams of colourful lights that make you marvel at each falling drop. It the perfect place for the shopaholic, the foodaholic, the lazy nature lover, the kid at heart, the picnic lover or just about anyone and everyone.
So a rare visit to my favourite mall thanks to Forest Essentials basically spelt out as a great opportunity for me to dress up. To add, it was on of the coldest days in Pune, which meant I pulled out my chunkiest and warmest sweater. A few at home argued that it wasn’t really cold enough for it, but it was a now or never situation for my sweater, really wasn’t going to get colder than that here…so I went with it..pairing it with my snake print pants that you have seen before (here) and orange heels for a pop of colour.

Ok, I agree, everyone around me was right, I was feeling pretty hot by the end of it all and barely made it back home in my sweater :)
Ok, so back to more important things…I met some wonderful and talented people. Tanushree Saxena who I interviewed here and Diviya Chawla (Creative Director, Forest Essentials).

Diviya, had a distinct style, that was uniquely hers and only hers, I fail to compartmentalize it no matter how hard I try. It was traditional and yet not so, modern but not totally, classic but fun. I really enjoyed the play with colours, red, rani pink and gold..tiny details that made such a magnificent difference to the traditional everyday garment – the cuff (pauncha) of the salwaar, the cuff of the sleeves and the rounded corners of the kurta.
Such a gorgeous lady and such a chic dresser – unfortunately her blinks seemed to trigger my camera, and her eyes are shut in every picture…I do hope I meet her soon again to do justice :)

This particular trip to the mall proved more fruitful than usual, as I also met fellow blogger Sugandha of glammegal, she was kind enough to come over and saw hello, we had a lovely conversation while her adorable daughter waited for her at the door :)

The Forest Essentials experience was wonderful as are their products, thanks to all the sampling I did, I was back at the store a few days later to get my very own Soundarya.
Thank you Tanushree and Diviya :) for a lovely experience.

Snake print pants : local store MG Road Pune
Sweater : Old (USA)
Heels : Zara
Bag : Louis Vuitton 

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