Forest Essentials : An Experience And An Interview

Over the years, I have come to love and respect the brand ‘Forest Essentials‘. Love – for the beautiful stores and products that work. Respect – for keeping with the Indian sensibility, perpetuating our rich Ayurvedic heritage and bringing it to us in pretty packages.
So a new email alert from Forest Essentials caused not just my phone to buzz but also my heart.
It was an invite to experience Ayurveda the Forest Essentials way and needless to say, the invite was as beautiful as everything else about the brand.


At the event, my response to an extensive questionnaire was analysed by a qualified Ayurvedic Doctor and it was established that I was predominantly of the Vata Dosha type. The doctor recommended some simple lifestyle changes apart from addressing my skin issues of dryness, breakouts and ageing.
I was told to have loads of warm water, practice Pranayam and to try the Date and Litchi cream for the night. Having milk is also supposed to be good for me, yay!! because I love my milk and the no dairy revolution that’s going around, robbed me of my one indulgence – Milk!
The consultation was followed by some product sampling – pure heaven – trust me. If it hadn’t been for the haunting memories of, lessons in proper behaviour and etiquette, from my convent school teachers, I would have bathed myself in every product variant at the store..


After all the sampling, I must say that the one product I love and lust over is the Soundarya Facial Cream – pure luxury in a bottle.

My quest to understand the brand Forest Essentials better, led me to Tanushree Saxena (Senior Manager, Marketing and Brand Communtication). Here is my interview with Tanushree.

With Tanushree Saxena, Senior Manager, Marketing and Brand Communication, Forest Essentials

Q The Forest Essentials brand language has undergone a transformation, everything about it looks more beautiful. What was the thought behind doing so?

I think Forest Essentials has maintained a very clear and sophisticated approach right from the start which entails being very open to our customers about the products. We have always stressed on helping our customers understand the product, the ingredients and the traditional methods that go into making them. Our presentation has been our key attribute and is done in a manner that pleases a customer in owning a Forest Essentials product. We have looked deeply into the aspects of beauty and then brought through the traditional Indian styles and patterns that, have touched our customers dearly. 


Q Ayurveda is a vast subject that was traditionally practiced by vaidyas. Thanks to part knowledge having trickled down, today every person seems to be an Ayurvedic expert. What makes Forest Essentials the expert that can be trusted?
Forest Essentials was started with the collection and practice of Ayurvedic knowledge that has been put together by Ayurvedic vaidyas and tuned to modern conveniences such as time and ease, by our teams of bio-chemists. We follow the traditional texts in Ayurveda that speak of health, beauty and wellness. These include the Charak Samhita, Bhavprakash Nighantu and Dhanwari Nighatnu that are classic 6000 yr old Ayurvedic text. Not only do these texts advise the ingredients but their apt usage and processes that maintain the benefit for results to show. 

Q Walking into a Forest Essential store can sometimes be a little overwhelming – the enchanting aromas, the beautiful packaging and the promise of Ayurveda can all cast a spell. How does one know which the right product, for them, is?
We take pride in our staff who have been trained to identify one’s skin type and recommend the right products. Ayurveda includes the use of natural resources and ingredients that have been tried and tested over centuries for their benefits like cleansing, lightening, brightening, toning, de-stressing etc. Our staff have the ability to guide you to identify your skin concern and provide a suitable, natural solution that is made from fresh, pure ingredients.


Q Forest Essentials is a luxury brand, not everyone can afford it, but everyone can aspire towards it. Why do you think everyone must try it?
Because you want to do good to your skin, it is crucial to realise that the skin is alive.l It absorbs everything we feed it and does so in seconds, unlike blood which takes hours. Our promise of natural, pure and fresh ingredients is the reason I feel one must try the products to see actual benefits.

Q A lot of Ayurvedic products have been found to have high levels of toxic compounds and heavy metals, how does Forest Essentials maintain quality?
Estee Lauder Group of Companies became our strategic partner back in 2008,after having identified our quality conscious products devoid of chemicals. To better them and to bring them to a standard that is globally exacting to Estee Lauder, we work with the group closely to bring to you traditional Ayurvedic beauty care. 


Q Why are Forest Essentials products priced on the higher side of the beauty products spectrum? How are they special?
Our quality and standards are exacting to that of Estee Lauder and hence have  a global recognition. We are and have been the pioneers in traditional Ayurvedic Beauty care, and bring to you a pleasurable experience in product usage, also keeping the benefits intact, of all Ayurvedic ingredients.

Q Are there no preservatives and chemicals in the products? How is the shelf life achieved then.
For some of our products we use natural preservatives like corn starch. We also do advise that the products are used within a certain period to retain the potency of the natural ingredients used in them.


Which is your favourite Forest Essentials product and experience? Do tell :)

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