Winter Style Here I Come

Winter Style Here I Come

My reasons for hating winters with a passion, is an endlessly long list..dry skin, chapped lips, lethargy and perpetual cravings for ghee laden ladoos are just the start..
So, yeah, its that time of the year again…but since I have recently intensified my quest to attain nirvana..I am determined to see all things in a positive light. While I was trying to realign my strong feelings for winter, I chanced upon a realisation and a revelation of sorts. My dislike for winter had more to do with my inability to work with layers and get through the season stylishly.
Yup, its the truth, I just don’t know how to layer. I have braved many a winter, with a little shiver and a chatter of the teeth, in my summer T.
I put up a brave front a told people “no, I am not feeling cold” I sometimes even mocked those who shielded themselves with woolens saying ” you cannot be feeling that cold”, and trust me all along I could not feel my soul, frozen from the cold.
So anyway, this year is different, I have been introduced to pinterest and tumblr, I am well armed with some gorgeous layering inspiration.
And I am going to share my layering experiments with you, hopefully I will make some new friends in my closet too..
Its just a little cold here in Pune, perfect for just a light layering…Playing with 2 of my current obsessions, this high low top, which gracefully hides my derriere, and this little jacket. The jacket is made from my mom’s blouse piece :)


I cannot, being an Indian, end this post, without a mention of Sachin Tendulkar. I am not a big cricket or Sachin fan..But I am someone who breaks into a tear and a sob super yeah, I must have cried a bucket watching him bid farewell to a life and a love.
It was heartening to see his warm interaction with is family. Also, there were so many small things he did, touching the pitch for one, that left me mightily impressed with the man. These are things that could have been easily been forgotten by him, in the euphoria of the moment and the chant of “Sachin Sachin” – but he remembered and I will too..

Top : Self designed
Jacket: Self Designed
Jeans : Victoria Beckham
Watch :Guess
Accessories : Blur Accessories
Shoes : GK Delhi (very old)
want to look good and feel fab always?? Join us


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