Pune Weekend : ABC Farms Cheese And Wine Festival

By Friday morning, I find my self secretly wanting to fast forward to evening, and by evening my heart is bubbling with excitement at the prospect of an opportunity to unwind and slow down. With my two favorite days of the week ahead of me all I want to do is nothing at all.
By Sunday evening, a silent sadness starts consuming me, the thought of a beautiful thing coming to an end makes me irritable…
If the week goes by in a jiffy the weekend goes by faster than I can say ‘jiffy’.
It almost feels as though me and my weekends are playing catch with each other – I am constantly running behind my Saturday’s and Sunday’s while they keep tricking me and getting away..
This weekend was a little different though, The ABC Farm’s Cheese And Wine Festival, gave me a chance to catch up with my weekend and have some fun..

I enjoyed time with my sister, having some meaningful conversations about dreams and living a better life, yes we totally gossiped too, but nothing destructive, just catching up with other peoples lives.

I tasted things I had never tasted before, the vast variety of exotic and delicious cheese up for tasting and purchase.

PuneWeekend:ABC FarmswineandcheesefestivalPuneWeekend:ABC FarmswineandcheesefestivalPuneWeekend:ABC Farmswineandcheesefestival
I learnt a little about making a mean but meaningful salad, at the green tokri stall.

PuneWeekend:ABC Farmswineandcheesefestival

I picked up a few healthy eating tips, some simple changes that I want to make to my diet. I bought some coconut sugar for my sweet cravings..(did not know about its existence before I went for the festival)

I caught up with Pallavi, who had the most beautiful stall at the festival..she has the most fun and quirky products, such easy conversation starters and attention grabbers..
See more of her store FULCRUM

PuneWeekend:ABC FarmswineandcheesefestivalPuneWeekend:ABC FarmswineandcheesefestivalPuneWeekend:ABC Farmswineandcheesefestival

We sat on a wooden bench, me in the middle, my sister on one side and Pallavi one the other – we tuck into a deliciously light, flavorful cheesecake with a buttery biscuit crust.
Wooden bench + Sister + Cool Friend + Winter Sun + No Hunger + 1 Delicious Cheesecake + 3 Spoons = Weekend Bliss

The decor was bright and beautiful. There were good looking people around.

PuneWeekend:ABC Farmswineandcheesefestival
The festival got me out of my weekend uniform (my PJ’s). It gave me a chance to put on my sunglasses and flaunt my new jacket (though it was just a lil hot for it..the pain I endure for fashion)

PuneWeekend:ABC Farmswineandcheesefestival

Just a couple of hours of slowing down and eating cheesecake, made my Monday morning a little less severe and painful…

What did you do this weekend?

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