October : What I loved And Learnt

October :  What I loved And Learnt 

Everyday the sun comes out, I open my eyes and I know its another opportunity to live, love and learn. October being my birthday month and the month that kicks in the festivities in India, I wanted to start sharing some of my loves and learning’s each month with all of you.
So even though we are in the middle of November, I really wanted to start this series off..
Well better late than never right?
So the video contains 5 things I am currently using and loving and a few things that I learnt that made a huge impact and made me think :)   
There is a BB cream, Body shop shampoos and my birthday gift to myself in the mix…

A few additional things I wanted to tell you (yes, there is still more…hehe..)
1. I do not claim to be a BB or CC cream expert, I have not tried all the BB creams available. But I have tried the Ponds BB cream and I liked it.
2.The Oriflame Diamond Cream can usually be purchased at around Rs 1800 (The sellers usually have points etc accumulated or the product will be on discount) so please check for the discount.
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