Jenny’s Bicycle Is Here…

Jenny’s Bicycle Is Here…

“When I sit, my mind squanders. It goes everywhere except where it should be. No lazy quiet Saturdays or Sundays can help to bring it back. It goes to places I have yet to go. It talks to people I am yet to meet. It listens and it doesn’t listen.
Mind: Something only the most powerful can conquer. Something that is untamed no matter how many meditations you do, no matter how many solitary evening you have. It wanders till it wants. And sometimes more than that. And as I try to write once again, it shows me beautiful places and I have to put my pen down and just look.” —- Rupa


When she is not playing with words, stringing them together to form vivid images, she is playing with fashion creating visions that could transform you to dreamy places. She is a writer and a fashion lover, her blog  Jenny’s Bicycle is a culmination of both..
She loves her heels but you will find her checking those in at the mall entrance…she likes to be comfy during her long shopping sprees…and if you send out a search squad for are most likely to find her in the Zara’s trial rooms.


Where do you find your inspiration?
In people

Which fashion trend makes you go “ughhh” and which makes you go “yay”?
I don’t like wacky nail art.
I love overalls. 

What is likely to be your next purchase? why?
A pair of flat boots coz winters are here.

What was the last book you read? why?
Remains of the Day. A friend sent it to me.

Where was your last vacation? where do you think will be your next?
To my hometown. About next, I don’t know. I don’t think about the future.

Which is the one beauty product you cannot live without?

Which is your favourite hair care product?
Olive oil

Fav cuisine and fav restaurant?
Chinese. Restaurant: Hmmm…The Monk and Bercos.
workouts or buffet lunches?
Please let me choose both!

Twitter or facebook?

Deepika Padukone or Kareena Kapoor?
Deepika Padukone

Ranvir Singh or Salman Khan?
Ranvir Singh

Romcom or suspense?

want to look good and feel fab always?? Join us


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