Everyday Makeup For Dummies

“Mirror mirror on the wall
Who’s the prettiest of them all?”
There is a pretty girl inside each one of us..
Sometimes she is shy, sometimes she is scared, sometimes she feels intimidated and at other she feels ignored and hides.
There is a pretty girl inside each one of us..
Sometimes she needs a little encouragement, sometimes a compliment, sometimes a warm smile and at others just a little magic..
A little magic can come in many forms…
through a wand borrowed from a fairy tale or  through a little makeup bought from a local store.
A little makeup can do magic not just for the face but for the soul..
Sometimes it adds confidence, sometimes joy, sometimes it just brings a smile.
For all my life, I ran away from makeup, I think I was scared..but now that I have started playing with it (just a little though…baby steps) I am amazed at its ability to transform, not just faces but also personalities.
This video talks about my steadily growing relationship with makeup and my disastrous experiments with it.
I also share some products that are absolutely fool proof.
And a quick simple makeup routine that will have you out the door, looking and feeling fab, in less than 5 minutes.
If makeup and you haven’t been BFF’s…here is where you can start.

everyday makeup for dummies


Revlon Skinlights Face Illuminator
Revlon Kajal Pencil
L’oreal Blush 102 True Rose
MAC Lip Pencil Stripdown
MAC Lip Gloss Natural Flare

I could not resist digging out old post pictures, to show you what a big difference a little makeup can make.
Here is a picture from one of my first posts..(ughhhhhh makes me shudder!!)

This one is after I learnt a thing or two about hair and makeup :) (Thank God for Makeup)

I hope you enjoyed the video…want to see some more? SARI, RED LIPS
want to look good and feel fab always?? Join us


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