Happy Diwali : Fashion And Introspection

Happy Diwali : Fashion And Introspection

So I am still completely and totally engulfed in Diwali festivities :)
Diwali to me is as much about the introspection and human revolution as it is about the fun and food..
Diwali is a time to light a diya within my heart and really face my feelings head on…I often find weaknesses and negativeness that I am not very proud of, but I determine to fight them…
Believe me the toughest battles we all fight in life are with ourselves and our minds…to win these battles we need the help of something stronger than our mind and the only thing stronger than our mind is the God within each one of us…
So this Diwali lets align with the God within..
Lets light our hearts brighter than our homes..
Lets light our souls…
Happy Diwali :)

Indian Fashion Blog sari

Wishing you a very happy Diwali, with this video…its my favourite yet…do watch and do subscribe to Looking good feeling Fab on youtube (http://www.youtube.com/user/lookingoodfeelingfab)

Indian Fashion Blog sari
Indian Fashion Blog sari

Happy Diwali…lots of love and prosperity :)

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