MAC Ruby Woo Dupe And Perfect Red Lips For Indian Skin Tone

MAC Ruby Woo Dupe And Perfect Red Lips For Indian Skin Tone

As promised in the previous post, I am revealing the dupe for the MAC Ruby woo in this one.
Even if you are not part of the Ruby woo cult following, if you have ever wondered – even if just for a second, “maybe I should try red lips“, this video is a must watch.
I have never before dared to wear red lips, but I have often admired Deepika and Sonam’s perfect red pouts. I love how red lips instantly inject a big doze of glamour to any look.
But before you go on to watch the video, a little disclaimer, I am not a make-up expert, so my method might not be the technically right or perfect way, it simply is what works for me.
I do urge you to try red lips..
I urge you to make every event a red carpet event..(even just picking kids from school..)
I urge to to celebrate everyday of your life…
I urge you to try red lips – perfect for Indian skin tone.



Concealer: Mac studio finish NC42 or any concealer
Lip Pencil : Bourjois Lip Pencil Rouge 20
Lipstick : Maybelline Bold Matte 4



Outline with lip pencil
Fill in with lip pencil
Fill with lip pencil again
So many layers, I know, but to get that deep red hue, I think it is needed.
You could try the lip pencil alone, the lipstick alone or both together like me.
I hope you enjoyed my discovery of the perfect red lipstick for India skin tone, which also seems like a Ruby Woo dupe!!

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