Inside Lakme Fashion Week

Inside Lakme Fashion Week

The Fashion Week is over, the excitement is a few notches lower, the flood of tweets has turned to a trickle but the posts on this blog…ahhann…no sir..not done yet..
So in this post I am taking you inside the show area of the Lakme Fashion Week...
Dark rooms are usually associated with nightmares and haunted memories, never thought a dark room can ever take me to a magical place filled with beauty and awe. This dark room did all that and more…
Here are a few facts, images and video clips of the show and the source area..
Ready to go in with me??

The seats are large and cushy, nicely lined up and numbered..since the show had an oriental theme, each seat had a fan placed on it!!


.like light at the end of a dark tunnel, this sign is the only respite..


The ramp is the holiest few meters you will find within a radius of a kilometer of The Hyatt Mumbai. Justifiably, it is kept covered till seconds before the show begins. Like a skillfully choreographed dance, a few dark knights appear, and with one stealthy swish the black covers are off and a glowing ramp appears…


Lakme Fashion Week is a breath of fresh air, unlike the rest of the fashion fraternity known for their no care attitude towards time, LFW is extremely punctual, everything starts and ends by the clock.


 Each show slot, has a group of 3 to 4 designers presenting their collections one after the other. Exceptions are the biggies like Manish Malhotra and Sabyasachi who have their own shows..


 Although, the shows happen consecutively, it is amazing to see how the same few meters of straight ramp space is transformed and molded to go with the theme of the collection resulting in a mesmerizing synergy.

This transformation and synergy is primarily through the music, the lights and the coreography…
The video below will demonstrate the same…they are tiny bits of different shows and hence different lights, music and mood…


A few images from the sourcing area….my heaven :)
Sneha Arora’s Army camp base created in the sourcing area..
The Lieutenant (Sneha Arora) and with her troops…
All in all….I think all the designers were superb and each show was so well thought out, to the tiniest detail…everything was perfect..
My favs:
Western wear : Sneha Arora, for her attention to detail, the structures, the tailoring, the prints and the wearability..
Indian Wear :  I think Anita Dongre..her Jaipur bride…ahh…the colours the gota the volume the princess vibe :)
want to look good and feel fab always?? Join us


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