Best Of Indian TV : What I Watch On TV

Best Of Indian TV : What I Watch On TV

On most days I love being my vain self, posing for pictures, analysing them and putting them up for you to see. Altough I do hope that this seemingly vain exercise brings some inspiration and entertainment in a few lives atleast.
So anyway, we are taking a break from talking fashion..what are we talking about then?? Another love in my life..television!!
Yes I absolutely love television.
Unfortunately, between all the things I have to cram in a day, I hardly get any time to sit back and watch TV, but the few moments I do get – I absolutely cherish.
Thank God for the record pause and play buttons on the TV remotes…do you remember the days of exclusive Doordarshan, chitrahaar and krishidarshan…haha those were the days..could never have imagined, even just a few years back, that we would be recording TV and playing it back at will..
Thank God for it :)
So lets talk about some of the TV shows I am currently loving..
I am a reality TV fan, I can watch almost any reality TV needless to say I am loving

Masterchef Australia : It has creativity, skill and thrill. Just the sheer art of plating the food or turning ordinary things into awesome gourmet delights!! ahh love it


Emotional Atayaachar : Baap re baap!! its really an eye opener, the things people can do..ufff
As a parent..I feel scared watching it, I also feel grateful that I landed a sane sensible guy and married him quickly ha.. Im smart that way..

Big Boss Season 7 : hmm, I dont really follow it…its a lil too much unnecessary drama, but in small doses I really dont mind it..drama queens, drag queens and spoilt brats confined to each other for months…ha drama drama..and some
Thank God for the forward button….manage to squeeze 1hr into 10 mins..haha

Keeping Up With The Kardashians : The sisters and their glamorous lives…whats not to love.
Though the season after Kim’s wedding has not been aired or did I miss it?? Really waiting for it to start again…anyone know anything about it??


Non reality TV shows I love

90210 : Their complicated but exciting lives…great bodies..pretty clothes..mmm…smack your lips kinda yummmmmm..
Im really enjoying watching it.


Rookie Blue : I dont really know why I love it but I do..

Band Bajaa Bride : Used to watch it…but it has become so repetitive boring..the girls they pick..the clothes…everything…big yawwwnnn…Same for Im Too Sexy For My Shoes…other than the host nothing Sexy or glam about it!!

There are some shows I miss everyday..Sex And The City, Lipstick Jungle, Desperate Housewives, I was so sad to see them go..sob sob..
Castle (waiting for the new season)


So now its your turn..tell me what you watch on TV, tell me about what you think of the shows I I missing anything?? Is there something you think I should watch on TV?? Tell me tell me all about what you love and what you hate on TV..cant wait to hear from you…lots of love…Abhilasha

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