Signature Pune Style Week : A Sneak Peek

Signature Pune Style Week : A Sneak Peek

Although Mumbai, the fashion and entertainment capital of the nation, is our next door neighbor, somehow Pune still seemed to be missing out on all the fun.
Pune is where the designers, models and photographers come to relax not work…well all that changed this week with a cool and much needed fashion event The Signature Pune Style Week.
Pune finally put the fashion fraternity to work..
I had the privilege of attending the event on Friday the 16th of August. The glowing ramp, The Signature lounge, The gorgeous models and stunning designs all made for the perfect evening for a fashion lover like me..
My favourite show was the Monapali show, the bright colours and the flattering silhouettes were a perfect start to a bright and colourful evening…
There are shows on 17th and 18th as well, so if all you have ahead of you is a lazy sleepy weekend, make sure you shake things up a bit with The Signature Pune Style Week.
Here is a glimpse of what I saw…

Simran Kaur Mundi in a Monapali saree


Here is a little video too….sorry about the shaky camera, I was trying to juggle a lot of things.

Also, a BIG THANK YOU to Fahim Bhai, for providing me awesome company throughout and being such a gentleman :)
I hope you enjoyed the post and if you are in Pune make sure you make the Signature Pune Style Week part of your weekend plans. The venue for PSW is the Hyatt Regency Pune 

want to look good and feel fab always?? Join us


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