Black And White Sounds Nice..

Black And White Sounds Nice..

I try and make it a point to keep the posts happy and bright and pretty, never talking about painful things. But these days the newspapers bring such sad news every morning, whether it is the issue of womens safety or that of the safety of our country.
It hurts so so bad and I cant help but talk about it…

I just pray that each one of us can
feel true happiness and contentment deep within our souls
feel gratitude and appreciation for our lives and our roles

feel bliss and peace when we get out of bed..
feel love and joy as we go to bed..

An inner change within each one of us
Is sure to bring change in the world around us..


Have a great and safe long weekend…and Eid mubarak…
I am looking forward to some fun posts and maybe a video too, next week..are you??

want to look good and feel fab always?? Join us


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