Work Wear : Lipstick Jungle Inspired

Work Wear : Lipstick Jungle Style

Stacked behind a tall facade of popular Bollywood movies is my secret dose of ecstasy. No no I am not doing drugs, but I really do feel the same high and the same extacy after watching “Lipstick Jungle”.
There are shows that focus on the bedroom, there are those that focus on the courtroom, those that focus on the boardroom and then those that focus on the dressingroom. This one is different, it has a generous dose of all of the above.
The show is about three gorgeous and glamorous women who are successful and sexy. They have families, friends, love interests Jobs and great style.
The clothes, the super accessories and the confidence with which they deal with a career and relationships is just plain cool!!
Lipstick Jungle always takes me to a parallel world, a world that my dreams are made of. There is nothing I would like more than taking power decisions in the boardroom clicking my Louboutin heels sitting at the head of the table in a crisp Armani suit and Chanel pearls. Followed by celebrating a family birthday rocking an Issa dress.
Ahhh…but seriously, these three girls have drool worthy style and men ;)
I was so disappointed when the producers decided to kill the show, trust me I have never mourned the loss of anything else in my life as much as I did, this one.
I still feel a pain in my heart when I think of Lipstick Jungle, I mean just 2 seasons is not enough to judge the success of the show. If the people from NBC are reading this (yes, I am sure they read the blog, dont underestimate this blog :)) please please bring Lipstick Jungle back. It has been about 4 years but I still have not recovered from this loss. Sob sob :(
Anyway, so this weekend was a Lipstic Jungle marathon for me and needless to say, I felt inspired at the end of it, Inspired to do a Lipstick Jungle inspired work wear post..


If you haven’t seen Lipstick Jungle yet…I urge you to do so now..just for the love of accessories. Here is a glimpse…

Also stay tuned for a toned down more wearable version of every day work wear coming next…

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