MAXI DRESS- Your Cheat Sheet to Looking Good!

MAXI DRESS- Your Cheat Sheet to Looking Good!

When a gorgeous girl with a gorgeous name gets in touch with you, requesting to do a guest post..what do you do??
Make the most of it na..thats what I did when Anya (Anya’s blog) got in touch with me, I bugged her with some totally random questions…here they are..

So Anya, a lawyer who blogs about fashion, how did that happen?
I have always had a passion for fashion. And although I am a lawyer by profession, I have had a keen
eye for fashion since childhood. I enjoy the process of getting dressed-up, be it for work or for play. And I have all these outfit ideas running constantly through my head. So I thought blogging about the same was the easiest way to share my love for fashion with other like-minded people. Blogging about fashion gives me a creative high! J

What do you think about office dressing in India? 
Although office dressing in India has evolved over the years, I still see a lot of women dressed up in
boring, drab, stuffy clothes. While I do fully understand that one has to be dressed up appropriately for work, what I do not understand is why do people get stuck in the same shirt-trouser or salwaar-kameez routine?! I would love to see women experiment more with their work/office attire- interesting tops/blouses with trousers and pencil skirts.

Do you see a lot of fashion around? Or is it just same old black suits everywhere?
A bit of both actually.

Who is your fashion icon?
Well, I find fashion inspiration everywhere. However, one person I admire immensely for her chic,
effortless style is Miranda Kerr. She looks good in whatever she wears, and she carries her clothes off
beautifully. Another person whose easy sense of style I admire is Jessica Alba- bright and fun!

Indian fashion designer you love?
Gauri and Nainika’s designs are quite feminine and elegant.

High heels or flats?
Flats during the day (unless at work) and high heels during the night.

A gym session or a dinner buffet?
A dinner buffet, hands down.

Colour blocking or monochrome?
Colour-blocking, all the way.

Salman Khan or Dhanush?
Salman Khan…always (since I was 5).

Sonam Kapoor or Kareena Kapoor?
Although Sonam Kapoor has got a great sense of style, I think Kareena has been experimenting a lot with her style too. So I’ll have to say Kareena Kapoor.

Chick flick or action?
I’m a chick flick kinda girl.

Men in boxers or briefs?
Men in boxers.

Men clean shaven or big beards?
I think a slight stubble looks hot.

Big bags or tiny slings.
Big bags to store ALL the stuff.

Also tell us what you do to have such gorgeous long hair.
I have naturally straight hair. I do not oil them because that leads to pimples (oily scalp). I try to condition them when I shampoo. Just a clean scalp helps.

Ok, enough of my bugging questions and over to Anya’s post..and make sure you check out her blog for some awesome and chic looks (
I’m a big fan of maxi dresses. One cannot really go wrong with a maxi dress. You can just throw
on a maxi dress, wear some flats (or heels for the night), put on some colour on your cheeks and
voila, you’re ready to head-out.
Maxi dresses are so easy to wear that you almost feel like you are cheating in the dressing
department. They hide all the flaws and still make you look gorgeous, giving the impression that
you have made a ton of effort to look good, while in reality, you have just worn this piece and let
it do the talking J Hence, I call it my ‘Cheat Sheet’ to looking good!
I have a few…well actually quite a few maxi dresses. Up until 2 summers back I hardly had any,
but once I started wearing them, I kept wanting to add more to my collection. You can wear them
during the day, or spice them up with bold accessories for the night. They are just so versatile
and easy to rock.

Okay…I must stop raving about maxi dresses and get on to my outfit. I bought this maxi dress
without actually trying it on. I liked the colour and the animal-print. I thought animal print in
blue/black made for an unusual combo. So I got it home and once I tried it, I loved it even more.
Here I have paired it up with some silver earrings and pink/black snakeskin bag. Since I wore
it during the day, I chose my studded berry coloured flats for footwear. And keeping the silver
earrings in mind, I had my silver watch on. To keep my eyes protected from the sun, I wore my
favourite pair of aviators.

Do you like wearing maxi dresses? I would love to know your thoughts on the outfit.

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