In Indian Designer Ranna Gill Maxi Dress

In Indian Designer Ranna Gill Maxi Dress

Shhhhh…I am going to let you in on a little dirty secret..I have been having an affair. Yes!! the grown up version of a school girl crush. The kind that brings a spring in your step, a song in your heart and a sparkle in the eyes.. does not involve a man..but something more exciting :) it involves clothes and dresses..
I have fallen in love with everything maxi length.
There is something so ethereal and elegant about the romance between the fabric and the floor, the length really gives inspiration to my imagination. I could be a Grecian Goddess, a Mughal Princess or even the English Queen.
Here is another maxi dress post featuring a maxi dress by Indian fashion designer Ranna Gill.
Here are some of the other maxi posts..
The floor kissing anarkali from MARG by Soumitra
Which one is your favourite maxi dress??
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