Sale Season Is Almost Here

Zara sale oh Zara sale..when are you starting??

I have never really looked forward to the monsoons, and this year the rain God’s have charged in with all their might and fury….
But every dark cloud has a silver lining and so do the monsoons, they bring along the sale season..yay!!
So while I am waiting for the sales to start, I thought Id show you some of my purchases from the sales last year…hope you enjoy..
Printed pencil skirt : Zara Sale 
Stud Heels : Zara Sale
Clutch : Accessorize Sale

zarasalezara sale
zara sale
Some of my top sales are
Zara Sale
Mango Sale
Forever New Sale
Splash Sale
Accessorize Sale
This time I also need to raid the Nike and Reebok Sales.
Does anyone know when the Zara sale is starting? I am tired of running to the door first thing in the morning, to grab the newspaper as if my life depended on it. Yup, just to check if today is the lucky day when the sale begins. I dont want to miss the first day do I?

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