Review : Olay Total Effects Cream + Serum Duo

Review : Olay Total Effects Cream + Serum Duo

On a dull Tuesday afternoon, a little package with my name on it arrived, just in time to add some spark and excitement to my day. It was a beautiful little bottle of Olay total effects 7 in one cream + serum duo. I was to use the product for 7 days and review it.
Ok so first things first,
It is packaged really well, love the little bottle and a its dispensing pump.
It smells great, not too strong not too mild.
I have really really dry skin and a lot of creams, even after multiple applications leave my skin feeling dry, not this one, no sir, skin felt moist and supple with just one application.
Another problem I have is that a lot of creams especially the ones with SPF just sit on my skin (do not get absorbed) after an hour if you rub the skin, the cream comes off. I, however did not have this problem with Olay, It felt great.
So I used it for 2 days and by the 3rd I started breaking out, yup unfortunately I had to stop my experiment with Olay, because break outs is not something I want to take chances with.

So all in all, I think it is a great product, just not for me.
If you are acne prone, I would advise you to tread with caution.
So that is my review of Olay Total Effects Cream + Serum Duo, do share your experience with the product.

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