Cosmopolitan Magazine June ; It’s Special :)

Cosmopolitan Magazine June

My fashion magazines are truly like my Bible, I start my day with them and I drift into sweet slumber with them by my side.

I keep them handy in every nook and corner of my life, a tall pile sits pretty in my bathroom, on my bedside table, by my window and even hidden under a stack of papers on my work desk.
Yes, I am truly obsessed, I await and long for each new issue like lover longs for his love.

This month has been extra special in the magazine department, some great covers and some great content aside, this month Cosmopolitan magazine has something no magazine has ever ever had before….ME!!

Hehe…I am in June 2013 Cosmopolitan. It is a collaboration between Max and Cosmopolitan, I got lucky and was not just featured, but also styled by Cosmopolitan’s Fashion Editor Aradhana Baruah. We were photographed by Ryan Martis in parts of Mumbai that are filled with character and personality.
All in all it was a lot of fun and a dream come true…yay!! I am in the fashion magazine that I have been religiously studying for years :)
What made this entire experience really memorable was the special people I met and the friendships that were formed. You will see some interesting things on the blog thanks to this friendship…stay tuned..

here are some behind the scene shots before the cosmopolitan shoot

Look at my big hair…hehe


So much makeup required to make me look pretty….sigh!!


And the end results…


Leave me a TWEET, an FB comment or just a comment below….tell me what you think about the cosmopolitan feature…make my day :)

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