Back To School/ College Outfit And Makeup

Back To School/ College Outfit And Makeup

Its a rainy, wet evening in Pune city, when I drive by my old college. I can barely see the road as the rain lashes down my windshield and the wipers sway from side to side, hard at work, but I can clearly see a girl standing at the entrance of the college. She looks tiny against the enormous almost ancient college gate, she wears ill-fitting jeans, a t-shirt almost 3 times her size and sneakers.
I think I know her, she looks confused, she looks unsure, she looks a little nervous and she looks a lot like me.
When I was in college, I was completely unsure about myself, my life, my friends, my career and even about my style.I never put in any effort or thought into the way Id dress and look. I was busy pretending to be what I was not. I was doing things more out of a sense of obligation than out of passion and commitment.
 Years of conditioning made me believe that putting efforts into your appearance was a complete waste of time and an indulgent futile luxury of the bimbos. So though I loved pretty dresses I wore baggy t-shirts, though I stared in awe, at girls in high heels I always wore sneakers, though I dreamed of designing I studied engineering, my role model was Heidi Klum I read biographies of boring bankers.
It is only now that I realise that I can be successful and sexy, infact there are very few who are both and if you can be one of those few you are automatically head and shoulders above the rest.
The way we dress and present ourselves, are such an important part of preparing ourselves for success. After all, our clothes and appearance speak volumes about us way before we get to speak a word, they talk about our attitude, our confidence and our identity.
Looking back, I do wish I had put in just a little effort into my appearance, while I was in college.
I think it would have made me surer about myself and my life.

So if I were to go back to college/ school now, this would be my outfit…floral pants, casual kurti and comfy juttis, perfect for college and perfect for making a great impression.

backtoschooloutfitbacktoschooloutfit1collegefloralpantsfloralpantscollegekurtifloralpantsbacktoschoolfloralpantsOk…now that the back to school/college outfit bit is done…lets get to the back to school no dont run away, I am not the one teaching you makeup. I have an expert here to do that job for you. Samyukta of the blog isimplylovemakeup and I have collaborated to get you the perfect college look. I am sure you all know of her blog, if not hop on right now, she is awesome, leaves me speechless with each one of her looks.

Samyukta has created super easy and super lovely look to compliment this back to school/college outfit.

HERE is a step by step breakdown of the look.

So now you have the perfect outfit and makeup combination for college.

want to look good and feel fab always?? Join us


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