How I Stay Fit : Zahra’s Workout Secrets

“How I stay fit series, Zahra’s Workout Secrets”
Very often I come across women who are super women, they do it all, work, workout, handle tantrums – kids and husbands, manage a home, a business and they do it all so effortlessly and elegantly…that they leave people like me wondering “how just how do they do it all”..
To add they have gorgeous skin, lustrous hair and bikini bodies to die for…and I find myself wondering again..”is there something wrong with me?” All I want to do is tip toe into their life and get to know all their secrets…
If you are like me and want to know all the fitness, fashion and beauty secret…if you want a sneak peek into the lives of some fabulous people…you have come to the right place..

Today I am getting Zahra to reveal all her carefully guarded fitness secrets..
Needless to say Zahra is one of those fabulously talented ladies who juggles many roles..she writes a lovely blog lovezahra she has a day job, she is mother to an adorable 2yr old boy and she always looks stunning.
She is one of those people with a warm and infectious smile, she makes you wanna know her better….I am sure she regrets it now…thanks to a slew of my mails that have been flooding her inbox lately..

How I Stay Fit : Zahra’s Workout Secrets

how I stay fit workout secrets
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Have you always been health and fitness conscious?

Growing up I was always active but never really made a conscious effort to be healthy – when I started working full-time and getting into a sedentary routine I gained a few pounds, thats when I began to really make time for fitness.
Once I had my baby, I gained a really strong appreciation for what my body is capable of. Not only did I want to fit in my old clothes again, but I wanted to be healthy and live a long time for my little boy.
What was your workout routine like when you were pregnant?
During pregnancy I kept exercise very simple, went for walks and practiced pre-natal yoga.

How did it change after pregnancy?
After giving birth to my son, the biggest change in my life was that all of a sudden I had no free time to work out, so I had to consciously make it a priority, rather than just work out when I was in the mood to do so. Also, I gained 50 pounds while pregnant, so for me to feel like myself again it was very important for me to get back in shape in a healthy way. 
It took an entire year for me to lose the extra pounds. I now alternate baby duties in the evenings with my husband, so that I can work out 2-3 nights a week.
How long after giving birth did you get back to working out?
 I had a c-section with some additional complications after, so I was on strict no-excercise orders from my doctor. After about 2 months I started going for walks and just made sure to be as active as possible. Sometimes I’d have fun with my baby and do dead lifts while holding him, or I’d lay on the floor and do bench presses with him as my weight bar. He loved it and would crack up laughing every time he went up.
You have a 2yr old son, a job, a do you manage it all and still make time for a workout?
Sometimes the workout has to take a back seat – to be completely honest. But I think the key is balance – if I know I’m not going to workout, I just make sure not to indulge too much that day and the next. Or I try to run around a little more with my 2 year old son, he wears me out!
So what is your fitness inspiration?
My goal isn’t to reach any particular size or number on a scale, but rather to feel good mentally and physically. I always feel much more confident after I know I’ve worked out and put in that time just for me.
how I stay fit workout secrets
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 What is your fitness routine like now?  
The only excercise that I do regularly is hot yoga -  if I can’t get to my yoga studio, I will go for a run. I’d say I work out 2-3 times a week for 1.5-2 hours.
The Details
The hot yogaclasses I go are full body workouts and very challenging. 
When I run, it is usually on the treadmill – about 3 miles. 
I do plan to do a few 5-10K races this year, and that is a huge motivator for me to continue to train.

What is a day in Zahra’s plate like?
My typical day M-F consists of
Breakfast: a protein shake and a cup of coffee or tea without sugar, 
Lunch: soup/salad or a turkey sandwich.
Dinner:salad with some protein like chicken or fish.
Snacks: I don’t really snack very often – but if I do its probably some trail mix or fruit.
Weekends: I pretty much eat whatever I want.

Things you make sure you eat.
My protein shake is: Greek yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, banana, protein powder, and ice. My husband is a health nut and got me hooked on these.

Your indulgences.. 
I have too many to list – but if I am going to name just a few,  I’d say I’m obsessed with fresh guacamole and chips, wood fired pizza- my favorite is margherita- just tomatoes, basil and mozzarella cheese, and I have recently become obsessed with Macaroons for dessert!

How often do you indulge in these?
 I never deny myself of anything – just ask my husband! If I have a pizza lunch, I’ll make sure to have a salad for dinner. If I really go overboard, like if I go to an amazing italian restaurant and have a pasta and dessert – I will be extra good the next day and have a protein shake for breakfast, and salad with chicken for lunch and fish and veggies for dinner.
Get skinny tip
One tip I have for losing weight or just maintaining your weight is to stop eating out as much. If I want to drop 2-5 pounds quickly, I will just cut out any food that is processed or from an outside restaurant.

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