Yellow + Green And Red Lips : Some Sister Love

Off late I have often caught myself in a cranky mood, and since then I have been playing the blame game a lot. As usual the first victim of my game was PMS, but you cant really blame PMS for a month long bout of crankiness..or can you?
So anyway, after a lot of contemplation and slain victim heads..I finally think I have nailed the problem in the head.
I am missing my sister!! I have been missing her on the blog and in life too…she has been away for the last 3 months and will be away for 3 more. Though I am thrilled for her and the fact that she is experiencing new things, people, cultures and food (she is a big foodie) but I think I have been understanding enough and have earned the right to be a lil selfish now….Come BACK!!
So we fight a lot and make each other cry often but we both know we love each other to bits and I really cannot imagine my life without her..
So anyway, I thought it was the perfect day to do a post featuring her…we did this shoot days before she left and had so much fun doing it..the intense colour blocking is something she would never try and trust me I had to beg, plead and literally forcefully shove her into that skirt. I also had to blindfold her to get the red lipstick on.
But all in all I think she was a little pleasantly surprised with the results.
If I told you to wear a yellow skirt, green shirt and red lips…would you run for your life??

Indian fashion blog
Indian fashion blog

You have seen the skirt on Niketa before (HERE) and one of my fav shoots with my sister is HERE
Lots of love…

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