Finding The Perfect Bra : Avoid These Common Mistakes

A bra for me..the perfect bra…an everyday necessity…and yet so hard to find..
Whether you are the T-shirt girl or the kurta girl, the plunging neckline girl or the bare back girl, the tank top girl or the corporate suit girl, “the perfect bra” is a must have to make any of those work. I need not remind you of many a red carpet designer dreams going bust only because of the wrong fit or colour of the bra.
Ok, so lets get started, how do you choose “the perfect bra” or every girls “a bra for me”

Here are some mistakes I have made and learnt from as far as bra shopping goes.

1. Back Strap Riding Up: This is possibly the thing that annoys me most when I am wearing the wrong bra. The back strap provides most of the support in a bra, if this is not right, you are not getting the support you deserve.


What Does It Mean: The bra band is too big for you. Eg if you are wearing a 34B maybe you should try a 32B.
It could also mean that the bra has lived its life and lost its elasticity. As cruel as it may sound, its time to toss it now.

Avoid It: Try a smaller band size. To check if the bra rides up, raise your arms and jump a little in the trial room. Yup, a little cardio to get the perfect bra. You should not be able to insert more than 2 fingers between the bra band and your back.

2. The 4 Boob Syndrome: It causes spilling of the boobs on top of the bra cup creating an unsightly illusion, especially from under a tee. Other side effects are, the under-wire resting on breast tissue (instead of rib cage), lifting off the rib cage or poking under the arm.

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What Does It Mean: Cup size too small.

Avoid It: When you try on the bra, push the shoulders back and see if anything is sticking out and forming bulges. Also make sure nothing is spilling out from under the arms.
If you are going for an under-wired bra, check the gore (the center piece that connects the two cups in the bra). The gore should lie flat against your body. If the distance between the gore and your body is large and do not touch, the cup size is too small.

3. Cup Wrinkling: If you see wrinkles, valleys and crests over your shirt. The girls spill out when you do a dip or jump up higher than you during the aerobic class.

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What Does It Mean: Cup size too big. I know a lot husbands would like to believe their wife is a 36D when you actually are a 32B. So if you do get a valentines gift that’s the wrong size, I beg you to not wear it work at-least.

Avoid it: Wear a tight T on every bra you try, trust me you will see any wrinkle and fine line that appears. And jump high again, carefully observing what happens under there.

4. Gravity Stricken: Gravity oh gravity…the law of gravity…if only we could defy you. But why we can..The perfect bra that can help defy gravity is very much in existence.

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What Does It Mean: Not enough support. Whether you are big or small, nothing looks good if there isn’t enough support under there.

Avoid It: Go for broader straps, broader band and Under-wires. Contrary to popular belief, if you do pick the right fitting under-wired bra, it is the most comfortable and supportive thing ever. Try it and you will never look back.

So have you found “the perfect bra” yet? Also, do you have any tips to select “the perfect bra”? Do share.

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