Reinventing The Salwar And Having Fun While At It

Mac and cheese, strawberry and champagne, fish and chips…all classic combinations, yeah. Combinations that have been tried and tested and passed down generations, never to be questioned them, never to be given a second thought, let alone trying to rethink them.
There are classic combinations in fashion too, the jeans and tee, lehnga and choli, saree and blouse, salwar and kameez??
Lets talk about the salwar a little…totally neglected piece of clothing in my wardrobe. I think about it as an after thought once I have a pretty kurta ready and need something  to wear it with. I have never given it the attention it deserves always giving it a step motherly treatment.
In my defence..well I have been taught to do that..think about it ‘salwar kameez’ we even say it in the same breath, It really has never had any independent identity..
But that is all going to change now…here is the salwar..but no not with a kurta :)

The salwaar (Indian pants) worn with a gold top and a belt to add some shape..






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