Lakme Fashion Week SS 2013: What I saw

My sincerest apologies to all those who visited last week, expecting a new post but found none. It just got a little busy and crazy around here, but I am not complaining, I am actually loving it. I did miss you guys and the blog…but I have some fun things in store for you now..
Starting with The Lakme Fashion Week, yup last weekend I was there and am so excited to share it all with you  :)
So Lakme Fashion Week:
The Venue:             The Grand Hyatt,Kalina, Mumbai
What I saw:            Studs, spikes, neon, men with purses and women in bowties.
lakme fashion week SS 2013lakme fashion week SS 2013
lakme fashion week SS 2013
What surprised me: Fashion events are notorious for their tardiness, But not this one. They were

                               bang on time and very punctual. Surprise pleasant surprise!!
Runway Trends:     Sheer here, sheer there, sheer sheer everywhere..the trend made its presence
                              felt in every collection. A restrained but noticeable presence of neon. Texture.
                              Structure. Maxi lengths. Jackets Jackets Jackets.

lakme fashion week SS 2013
Front Row Trends: Spikes. Studs.Neon from neck to ankle. Accessories. Oxfords. Nerd Glasses.      

                              Sheer/ Low backs.

lakme fashion week SS 2013lakme fashion week SS 2013

The Designers:       Most of them are just as pretty as the models, just a loooot shorter. Sneha
                              Arora is as immaculately turned out as her models and shows as much
                              character as her clothes do. Shikha and Vinita (Ilk) danced on stage and Javed
                              Khan seems as shy as his clothes are bold.
The Clothes:          Breathtakingly stunning!! I felt like I could just die looking at them and the
                             LFW sourcing area could be my heaven. Masaba’s clothes spell “personality”.
                             Nikhil Thampi had me at that lemon yellow and the cute fish print. Pia Pauro’s
                             collection is fun fun fun. I loved Sneha Arora’s attention to detail, the bird and
                             hot air balloon print, stuffed birds on jackets bird cages as bags and 3D origami
                             details on shirts
                            whats not to love..

lakme fashion week SS 2013lakme fashion week SS 2013

What I learnt:      A new found respect for the designers. They don’t just design clothes, they
                           design works of art around genius concepts. They design the shoes, the bags, the
                           tags, the invites, the media kits even the hangers and the stall. They don’t just
                           conceptualise they also get them materialised!! Phew!! that is a lot of work.

hangers at lakme fashion week SS 2013 
All in all:             It was a dream come true, a lot of fun, I saw a lot I learnt a lot and am ready for

                           so much more hard work and happiness. Thank you Pallavi.
What I wore:       Wanna see what I wore?? Stay tuned for the next post. Here is a little peek.

lakme fashion week SS 2013
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