Friday Fun: Blogs And Posts I Am Loving This Week

I have been spending so much time exploring the many gorgeous blogs out there, making new friends and learning to live my best life while doing that..
I wanted to share some of the things I have seen, loved and learnt from this week.
I intend to do this every Friday, so if you enjoy these posts from my fellow bloggers, do drop by next Friday for another new list and more awesome inspiration..

Starting with Jyoti of Style-Delights
She truly is amazing, I don’t know what I love more the words on her posts or her bright colorful outfits. I also love her because she became my follower when I had none. Yup my Number 1 follower :) Thanks Jyoti.
I loved this post with all its many bright colours and yet so cohesive.

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I also really enjoyed Jyoti’s fun and different take on the recently concluded NYFW. Here is a little bit from her post on the fashion week
Fashion Week is over and after finishing up all my articles and review on, here I am with the recap of the fun, fashionable and somewhat crazy week for you guys!! It was a great opportunity to see the collections, take pictures, meet so many fun people and some celebs too – Boy, Olivia Palermo is THIN!!! And Karlie Kloss is really that stunning in person too!! Vera Wang doesn’t like to stay more than 2 seconds on the stage after the show, and Marc Jacobs hardly smiles when he takes a bow at the end of the show! This year, Diane von Furstenberg walked the whole U-shaped runway dancing, shaking hands and being just cool!! I will always remember the fun I had the New York Fashion Week in 2013!! “
Read the entire post here :

Ok coming on to another fav bolgger ..Zahra
I dont know what it is about her and her blog, just love going back to them again and again :)
She is just effortlessly cool and beautiful..
Loved her recent post

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Zahra has recently been fearuted by Congratulations!! Read it here

want to look good and feel fab always?? Join us


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