Dress Slimmer Series : The Long Jacket

This post is about so many of my ‘loves’, my love for makeovers, Oprah, designing and bandhani.

I have been a big fan of makeovers, the entire process, the excitement and anticipation before the big reveal, I just love it, its the best kind of entertainment for me.
A makeover to me isn’t just about the new hairstyle and new clothes,  it is about the confidence and personality transformation that comes with it. It is like the birth of a whole new person, so fascinating and exciting to watch.
So today I want to share one of my favourite ‘dress slimmer’ tricks, which I picked up from one of my fav Oprah (love her too) makeovers.

Here is the before and after of that makeover..

dress slimmer makeover
Image Source : oprah.com

The long top, skims over the sides, creating a curtain like effect cutting the hips and legs into half  hence creating an illusion of a slimmer frame.
Here is my take on the trick..

dress slimmer bandhani jacket

The long jacket makes her look slimmer and taller.

dress slimmer bandhani jacket
dress slimmer bandhani jacket
dress slimmer bandhani jacket
dress slimmer bandhani jacket
dress slimmer bandhani jacket
           The jacket has been designed by me and stitched by my tailor, who is my lifeline :) 
Do let me know what you think about this ‘slimming trick’ and also do share your ‘slimming tricks’  with me.
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