Tutorial : Sari To Lehnga

Hi there, how has the start to the weekend been?
I wanted to thank you so very much for all your encouraging comments on the sari to lehnga post (HERE).
Many of you asked for a tutorial on draping the sari into a lehnga.

Tutorial: Sari to lehnga, maxi skirt

So, here it is, I have tried to capture the entire draping process in pictures..here goes.

Step 1: Start with the petticoat (under skirt).
Step 2: Tuck in one end of the sari into the petticoat.

Tutorial: Sari to lehnga, maxi skirt

Step 3: Start pleating, the same way you pleat a sari. Make about 10 pleats at a time.

Tutorial: Sari to lehnga, maxi skirt

Step 4: This one is a little tricky. The pleats you have made, now need to be distributed as evenly as possible and tucked in again.

Tutorial: Sari to lehnga, maxi skirt

Repeat this step, on the entire sari, so you have pleats all around.
Step 5: When you reach the other end of the sari, fold the end in (so the edge is not visible) and tuck it in.
Make sure there is an overlap (of a few inches) between the 2 ends of the sari. Tuck in

Tutorial: Sari to lehnga, maxi skirt

I hope I have simplified the process, for you. If you still have any questions do feel free to leave them in the
comment section below
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