Prefect Transition Piece : The Jacket

I am so excited…just cant wait for summer to hit in its full glory. However sometimes, these days of transition can be a little confusing, chilly sometimes and hot as hell at other times. I have found the perfect solution though :)
Yup its the jacket, it is chic, classy and at the same time can make you look a few pounds slimmer, provided you choose the right length and fit.
The whites scream out “I cant wait for summer” while the deep red jacket is perfect to fight the slight nip in the air..
I intend to do a detailed post on jackets…coz I love them so much :)
Watch out for that..

Dress thinner: jacket
Dress thinner: jacket
Dress thinner: jacket
Dress thinner: jacket
Dress thinner: jacket

                    The model is my cool friend Niketa, you have seen her HERE
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