New Way To Wear Your Old Sari :)

Maxi skirts are such a rage right now, I have been sighting them every where I go, on the web and in life.
I can hear them calling out to me, from every store window and every blog sale. What is stopping me you ask??
Well, I am not very tall, so I wasn’t sure if I could really carry them off…but they are just so darn cute and  pretty and feminine.. resisting them was becoming such a challenge.
So one night I slipped into slumber while dreaming of sporting one of these dainty things, standing by the beach, the wind in my hair and the skirt fluttering away…ahhhh..what a dream..
Oh coming back to the point..well I woke up in the morning with the perfect idea..why not turn my sari into a maxi skirt?? No sewing and no cutting…just some pleating and tucking…some patience and some skill…and there you have it the perfect maxi skirt…
I was so excited by the just multiplied my outfit options..ha..I felt like a Einstein moment..

What do you think about the sari turned into a maxi skirt/ lehnga???
Leave your comments….let me know :)
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