My Top 5 Tricks To End An Eating Binge

This entire weekend has been one of complete and total indulgence and eating for this post could not be better timed..
I am usually careful about what I eat but I have my days of uncontrolled eating..these are days when after a nice big lunch I feel a nice big dessert is justified and after that the tongue asks for something salty and then something sweet and then…the vicious cycle just continues..
What do I do then??
Well here are my top 5 tips on ending a binge cycle…these always work for me..

healthy eating tips and recipes

As for healthy things to sip on…these are my top picks..

1. Water
2. Coconut water
3. Goodness of herbs Recipe:

healthy eating tips and recipes

   4. Antioxidant hibiscus drink Recipe:

healthy eating tips and recipes

              What are your tricks?? How do you stop an eating binge?? Leave your comments and let me know
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healthy eating tips and recipes

Also thank you so much for all your comments on the last post…I will surely do a tutorial on pleating that sari lehnga soon….Lots of love always.

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