Looking Good Feeling Fab : A Frivolous Pursuit??

The title of this blog very vocally declares its intent..all about looking great and feeling fabulous always. Some people feel it is a frivolous pursuit of shopping and meaningless expense. Those people are truly ignorant, it really is about so much more than that, it is about confidence, self esteem and portraying your best self to the world.
It is about living your best and happiest life by being the best you can be. 
Hang on, I am not asking you to indulge in a shopping spree, I am asking you to just give “looking good” the respect it deserves..because at the cost of being repetitive..how you look affects how you feel and that in return reflects on everything you do.
A dash of creativity and a sprinkling of help from the fashion gurus, is the perfect recipe to looking great without breaking the bank..
Here is an awesome makeover video, by the super awesome Nina Garcia…
Just look at the before and after of the video and tell me you don’t think that the makeover has resulted in transforming Kimberly into a more confident woman who knows what she wants in life.
And do take note of Nina’s tips..(about nude shoes, every girl must have them and accessories)


 I can totally relate to this video, makes me believe that we all can look great even on a budget.
Also I will never really look at a dress just as a dress ever again…I think it is a life transforming tool. Just look how great a simple red fitted dress can make you look..more importantly..how great it makes you feel..
My Ahh moment.
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