Hello Summer And My Camera Print T

So if you guys have been reading some of my previous posts (here and here), you know that I have  been eagerly awaiting the onset of summer. This post is my official goodbye to winter layering and HELLO to summer.
There are so many things I love about summer, Mangoes are topmost on my list followed by skirts, whites, linens, sheers, lace, maxi dresses and water lots of sea and beaches…love it. Something so romantic about the season :)
So what better way to bring in summer than a skirt, my fun camera print T, strappy flats and over-sized sunnies..

 photo 1so_zps5d255c3d.jpg

 photo 4s_zpsd22a94ca.jpg

 photo 3so_zps56de26be.jpg

 photo 2s_zps3857f690.jpg

 photo 5s_zps29bdcc1a.jpg
                                                T- shirt: donebynone.com
                           Do you love the summer season as much as I do?? Do tell….
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