What Does Your Style Say About Your Personality?

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak” so says the legendary Rachel Zoe and I so totally agree with her. Want proof…here you go..
My lovely P walks into the room and I think cute, pretty, simple, sweet, loving, warm and nice girl but I want to change that, the next time she walks into a room everyone should stop and take note of the gorgeous, glamorous diva that she can be. And I want to do all this while still keeping her in her comfort zone of jeans and a tee…IMPOSSIBLE?? Possible…

Glamour in jeans and tee

                                          Still in jeans and a tee but a changed personality??

Glamour in jeans and tee
Glamour in jeans and tee
Glamour in jeans and tee
Glamour in jeans and tee

              High volume hair+High heels+Lots of colour+Fitted pair of jeans = High Octane Glamour
    Tell me what you think. Does your style talk about your personality before you do? What does it say?
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